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You must first upload images of 5 of your artworks for our approval here. They will be checked by our team and once approved we will be in touch to let you know the further process. 

Yes, there are. 

  1. Once approved by our team (as per the above section) you must have minimum of 5 artworks for us to upload on Rendrr.
  2. Images you provide should be good quality.
  3. Your artworks must be yours. Original!
  1. Submit your artworks here.
  2. Wait for our team’s approval.
  3. If approved, our team will email you the login details.
  4. Sign up and complete your profile.
  5. Upload your paintings with additional details.
  6. Our team will check these artworks if they meet minimum requirements and if they do then will be uploaded to Rendrr.
  7. If  customer buys it we will contact you via email or call to let you know the next process.
  8. If you have the painting ready you can send it to us straight. If you don’t have the artwork ready then you can complete it within 10 days.
  9. Once your painting reaches us, we will check for the quality and then send it to the customer.
  10. We will pay direct to your bank account (provided by you during your profile creation) within 4 weeks after artwork reaches us.

No, we don’t. It’s all free. 

You do but keep in mind that it should be realistic. We will notify you if we feel the price is not appropriate. We take variable percentages on selling price. It includes shipping, packaging and repackaging, payment gateway fees, marketing etc.

So if you wish to get paid $200 from your artwork then you need to set the price for your artwork at $200 while uploading the artwork. Please note that you bear the cost of sending the artwork to us in Taranaki. 

No. We need the selling process to be complete which means the artwork reaches to the buyer. Payments will only be made within 4 weeks from date we receive your artwork. Be assured that we will pay you as we have for hundreds for kiwi and international artists who have trusted us.

No, we prefer to have it in roll. please send us your artworks in a tube.

You can roll in into a hard cardboard tube or a PVC pipe (can be purchased from Mitre10, bunnings or similar hardware shop). Pack some papers or some stuffing material at both the ends. Wrap the tube in a bubble wrap and book a pickup from NZ post website as per their instructions. 

We have an unconditional 15-days return policy for our customers. In case customer wish to return the painting, We will first recall it to us and check for any damage. If found okay, we will forward it back to you. Returns usually happens when image shared by artist is too different from the actual painting. So make sure your images and actual painting are in sync. It is recommended you shoot your paintings via professional photographer.

We need 100% Handmade paintings on a good quality Canvas. 

We have different channels to promote your arts. We pay for these channels to get the best customer attention. We also market it digitally on social media like Facebook and Instagram. 

It really depends on your painting, the price, customer choices and preferences. Be assured that we will market your artwork with the best efforts from us. 

There is no fixed formula as to what kind of paintings sell. We encourage our artists to try out different styles, and subjects in modern taste to see better results. Rendrr is more of a marketplace where customers look for art to decorate their homes not only a collective art. So we advise you to have both genres in your collection – decorative paintings as well as deep art. To be able to find success on the platform please consider following tips

  1. Please upload at least 15 paintings and above to see good results.
  2. Please make in sizes 60cm and higher. sizes below that do not sell much.
  3. Please make art on a good quality canvas.
  4. Warm shades (Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange) sell more than cool shades (Blue, Green, Mauve etc).
  5. Please keep art unframed, or in a position that it can be removed from frame on order.
  6. Handmade Art under $300 usually sell quickly

No, we only operate Online.

Yes, you can sell on other sales channels too. However if a sale is made on other channels, you would have to immediately let us know to make them inactive. 

If artist is going on a long vacation then they have to inform us so that we can keep their artworks invisible for that period of time. If artist fails to do so, and somebody orders the painting on Rendrr which artist can not complete then it would leave a very bad impression about us with the customer, and they might never return back. We will deactivate artists account in that case.